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Crystal Reports/general reporting, performance issues (feb 2016)

Sometimes, when you are dealing with a lot of data, your report is not performing very well. You tried every possible option, but still... Don't wory, you can use the inbuild sql functionality, or just build a view directly on your database and report on this view. With a grouping in this view, you don't have to gather all data and group it in your report.

Crystal Reports, top n not possible, try bubble sort (nov 2015)

In Crystal Reports it's sometimes not possible to use the normal top n function. Suppose you want to give a top n on a value that you calculated in a variable. Then try to use a bubble sort. This is not a standard feature in Cyrstal. You have to program it yourself. For an explantion of the bubble sort principle see: To solve your problem in Crystal, send us a mail.

New website (sept 2015)

Due to a change in tooling of our provider we are forced to switch to a new platform. Our former site is no longer available, but the good news is that we are currently working on our new site. More to come.....

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